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Home Barista

Serving the best espresso at home requires a little practice, the freshest coffee beans and the best coffee-making gear you can get. With a Rocket ‘Giotto V3’  domestic espresso machine and Roma’s fresh roast coffee beans, you can experience café-quality coffee at home!


Rocket Plus GiottoRocket 'Giotto V3 Plus Pid'

Made in Italy and described as the ‘sexiest coffee machine in the world’, the Rocket Espresso Machine is the home barista’s choice featuring:
  • 1.8 Litre insulated boiler
  • 15 bar water pump
  • Commercial grade pressure stat
  • World famous ‘E61’ Group Head
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • 2.9 Litre water reservoir
  • Cool touch steam wand
Independently operating dual boilers and a superior design thermo siphon system allows for unprecedented stability with increased levels of both steam pressure and hot water supply.

Little wonder the Rocket Espresso has such an impressive reputation as the perfect home coffee machine!  


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