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Cafe Supply

Roma Coffee understand coffee and the industry. We know how to achieve the perfect cup of coffee and the workings of espresso machines and the day to day operations of the hospitality industry.

Our team is passionate about what we do and provide personalised service to our customers.

Roma Coffee understands that coffee is a significant part of your business and that you need access to the best in the industry in a timely manner. We support the business we supply; we go the extra mile ensuring we do everything we possibly can to help your business reach its full potential.

We are an established company that is highly regarded in the industry for delivering exceptional coffee and outstanding customer service.

Technical SupportTechnical Support

It is imperative you have equipment in good working order. This means you need people who can react fast when trouble strikes. We have a long association with coffee and machinery so we will always be able to help.

 Our people are experienced in the mechanical side of all the machines we sell.

There’s no doubting that a clean and well maintained machine is essential to making good coffee, but having reliable technical back-up is extremely important.

Our Maintenance Program

A maintenance program is created for all our machines operating in the marketplace, guaranteeing the best possible opportunity to turn out great Roma coffee.

Preventative maintenance by us of your machinery means we can usually avoid leaks and problems from occurring. If repairs are necessary we hold plenty of spare parts and can always offer assistance to get the repairs done as quickly as possible. If all else fails, we have plenty of back-up equipment available quickly. 

Promotional Support

Roma Coffee has a wide range of promotional material, umbrellas, footpath signs, breeze barriers, clothing etc.  We support cafes that promote our brand and serve our coffee. 

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We offer a full range of accessories such as Roma printed cups available in single and double wall, tampers, milk jugs, knock boxe & cups & saucers.

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