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Our Roastery

coffee roasterRoma coffee roasters was founded after the sale of 2 iconic coffee companies, both of which had been roasting in Auckland since the early 1980s.
It took the best part of a year to locate, but after much searching a vintage Italian 30kg “Petroncini” coffee roaster was eventually found in Basel, Switzerland.
In early 2006 four large crates arrived in Auckland….
Aaron Wyatt …”Our choice of roaster was not left to chance. Having been involved with these old Italian roasters with various companies over the years, I knew that the beautiful soft roasts achieved with the ‘Petroncini’s non direct, hot air system are unequalled by the modern roasters on the market today.”
…. Later that year premises were obtained in the historic village of Drury and at the start of 2007 Roma coffee roasters was ready for action.
 In mid 2010 Roma proudly opened its doors to the public.  


Customers can enjoy a flat white just metres from roasting coffee, drink a moccacino as the roast master explains the finer points of coffee production as he does just that, sip an espresso shot to the exquisite aroma of cooling coffee.

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